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Which team managers did you drink with this winter?

But Torah Bright – who at the age of just 28 is already Australia’s most successful female winter Olympian – has now revealed the pain she went through during her divorce to Jake Welch in 2013, which she says left her feeling lethargic and bedbound.

The blonde beauty split from the fellow Mormon and pro snowboarder just three years after they married in Salt Lake City, Utah, a few months after she won gold in the half-pipe at the Vancouver Winter Olympics.

The pro snowboarder, who starred on Dancing With The Stars in 2014 with dance partner Robbie Kmetoni but was forced to pull out in week six due to injury, certainly hasn’t given up hope of finding love again.

Bright's decision to keep her private life out of the spotlight comes two years after her divorce to fellow snowboarder Jake Welch - a marriage breakdown that left her heartbroken yet hopeful for the future.

'I had my whole sporting, seasoning career to kind of push on to and no matter how hard it was, I pushed on through and I did what I had to do,' Torah, who published autobiography It Takes Courage this year, recalled back in January.

It’s a wonder, coming from Australia, where Torah gets her on snow talent, but snow sports run deep in the Bright family.

Looking for love: The pro-snowboarder, who starred on Dancing With The Stars in 2014 with dance partner Robbie Kmetoni but was forced to pull out in week six due to injury, hasn’t given up hope of finding love again When asked by the magazine if the newly single blonde had locked lips with the redheaded sportsman in the past, she said: 'Yeah. Shaun and I were two of a few kids at the time on tour – we were 16!

But Australian snowboarding gold medalist Torah Bright has struggled to cope at times with life away from the spotlight revealing she blocked out the collapse of her marriage and subsequent death of her best pal by watching television.

In a candid memoir It Takes Courage, the 27-year-old Olympic snowboarder writes: 'I would love to say that I did a lot of soul searching and figured everything out, but the truth is I just binge watched TV to escape.'A Mormon who doesn't drink and smoke, she admits she suffered reactive depression as a result of losing best friend, Canadian freestyle skier, Sarah Burke in 2012 who died from injuries following a fall.'I stayed in the hospital as a support to Sarah and her family,' she writes, adding: 'We all tried to stay positive for her.

After ten of the longest days of my life we were told that Sarah would not make it.' 'I was broken, I did not know where to start healing, so I didn't.