I thank Akiva Gordon, Barry Rose, Peter and Rodney Burnham, and Steve Hull for support and photographs.I have also used photographs from web advertisements, mostly in e Bay, and these are not individually acknowledged.If anyone is displeased by the use of their photographs, let me know and I will remove them.

The accounts are separate documents which are all indexed in the BURNHAMOGRAPHY INDEX so an individual topic can be downloaded alone.

They are given as Acrobat pdf files (except this one) for ease of formatted printing rather than html files, and the file sizes are quite large to preserve as much pictorial detail as possible.

Mostly it is possible to increase the magnification and detail of the pdf files very considerably.

now transfers to the Lyric for an extended West End run!

With a BBC Radio Four series and eight years of festivals and touring to their name, The Showstoppers have delighted audiences around the world with their ingenious, unique blend of comedy, musical theatre and spontaneity.

The cast includes Ruth Bratt, Justin Brett, Dylan Emery, Pippa Evans, Susan Harrison, Sean Mc Cann, Adam Meggido, Philip Pellew, Andrew Pugsley, Oliver Senton, Lucy Trodd, and Sarah-Louise Young, with seven cast members appearing per performance plus a live on-stage band.The way this account has come out - there is a general account of Burnhams in this introductory section, and then there are accounts of specific models and topics where there is enough information available There is overlap between this general account and the specific model accounts, and there is overlap between the separate accounts too.Accounts will be updated as more information becomes available.A lot of the pens were photographed in groups as roughs to work from, and were photographed with my new Nikon D90 and its bundled zoom lens.This turned out to produce a lot of spherical aberration at zoom settings suitable for pens and I would have gone back to the faithful Nikon Coolpix 4500 for serious photographs.As it turned out I was unable to do this so many of the rough D90 photographs remain as a warning to others!