Its format is the same as the config file used with desktop . Since it is a regular text file, it can be copied together with the application files to a new sever, thus obviating the need for duplicating registry configuration settings, and the like. NET supports separate configuration files in application subdirectories. Therefore, the configuration settings for computed by applying the settings in the following files, in the following order:\CONFIG\machine.config: The base configuration settings for the machine C:\inetpub\wwwroot\web.config: The base configuration settings for the root Web site C:\app\web.config: Application-specific settings C:\app\dir\web.config: Subdirectory-specific settings While the structure of the XML-based Web.config file is the same as the configuration files we explored in chapter 5, the number and variety of possible configuration settings is a bit intimidating.

validating user input with c-14

enable Client Script If you set this property to true, the control will attempt to generate client-side Java Script to perform the validation, if the browser supports it. display Validation controls are invisible by default.

They are displayed only if an error occurs, in which case they may cause other page elements to move on the page.

Specify static to create space for the error display whether it is visible or not.

I am trying to validate a customer number using isdigit.

If the user accidently enters a character other than an integer, I want it to allow the user to try again.

The problem is it only will check the first number and if that is a digit it it presumes it is ok. I have it currently looping around the whole thing so I can keep testing input.

In this example, we have redundancy for illustration purposes.

Note the test in the age Handler: If a validation control triggers an error, it sets the page s Is Valid property to false.

If there are multiple validation controls on the form, the Is Valid property provides a convenient way to check for any input errors.

If you run this example, and submit the form without making an entry in the age field, you should see the result shown in figure 8.11. NET provides a hierarchical configuration system that allows an administrator to define configuration data at the application, site, or machine level.

In chapter 5, we took a brief look at the Web.config file when we configured Remote Encoder. This file is called Web.config and, to configure an application, it is typically placed in the application root directory.