I made the mistake of editing after it was all completed just to add the www to it, and Technorati took it as a sign that I was submitting a whole new blog.So now I’m undergoing the claim process again.*** By being listed in the Technorati directory, it’s another venue to be found, in addition to adding another strong backlink for your site.

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You’ll get another email saying they’ve successfully crawled your blog to find the token, and it’ll be placed under review.

Typically this takes about a week and you’ll get another email saying it’s complete.

***Be sure your main URL is exactly like how you want it.

– Under your account, you’ll see profile details and “My claimed blogs” section.

Type in the URL of the blog that you want to claim for example: You'll then be taken to the full form to fill out: If you don’t know your Feed URL (for example ours is and are a Lucrazon customer, login to your Admin, then go to Extensions Product Feeds.

You’ll see News/Blog to Enable (if it wasn’t already) and the Data Feed URL.

If you’re not a Lucrazon customer, and you don’t know your feed URL, contact your Webmaster and request the information but you can also try adding /feed to your blog url to see if it displays anything as a test.

Technorati announced that they were taking the company in another direction and will be removing the blog claim process / authority index on their new website. If you have a blog and haven’t claimed it yet on Technorati, we’re going to show you how.

----- What do you immediately think of when you hear “search engine? It’s simple, and there’s no reason not to do it since it’ll only benefit your site to be listed in their directory.