Social Media Unit held a seminar for the Ornek Holidays Team, a tourism company that specialises in package tours around Cyprus Visit Ornek Social Media Unit, in collaboration with Eastern Mediterranean University Continuing Education Centre (EMU-CEC), held a seminar for North Cyprus Hoteliers Association (KITOB) outlining the importance of Social Media for Hoteliers and small boutique hotel owners.Visit North EMU Social Media Unit held a seminar for EMU Faculty of Health Sciences academic and administrative staff.Seminar topics included effective social media use, brand management and digital strategies, providing proper and up-to-date information for faculty.

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We are the Eastern Mediterranean University Social Media Unit.

Social Media Unit (SMU) is aimed at keeping student candidates, students, alumni, academic staff and anyone who wishes to be a part of EMU through connecting via the means of social networking platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and You Tube.

By using such media, SMU can keep its users up to date with all current university news and actively respond to any questions that they may have.

The SMU consists of 3 student assistants, 1 research assistant and 3 advisors.

EMU Social Media Unit; Agah Gumus, Bahire Ozad, Aysu Arsoy, and Metin Ersoy (EMU Faculty of Communication); Fatih Bayraktar (EMU Psychology Department); and Fatih Tüylüoğlu (EMU Graduate, C-Section Creative Director) attended the workshop as panelists.

The first day of the workshop was held with school headmasters and counseling teachers.

On the second day, 20 student presidents and 20 counseling teachers from 20 different schools attended to workshop.

The aim of the SMU is to represent EMU in the best way possible through Social Networking Platforms.

EMU's Twitter page currently has over 4000 followers and is updated in the same manner as the Facebook page of EMU.