[But] I had no idea his fans were going to love it as much as they did.” “I don’t think we’re trying to make a huge statement, but if for some reason, we change a standard a little bit, that’s great,” Jonas added diplomatically.For Jonas, the response to his new outfit is something of a vindication.

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The transition from child star to budding pop icon is a difficult one to make, but the 26-year-old has managed it against all odds, scoring a hit with the catchy single “Cake By The Ocean,” which has climbed to the top ten ranks of several Billboard charts since its release in September. But actually, “We met in bed,” Jonas said, which made Graham roar.

(And also scored the band a high-profile gig at the Billboard Awards last month.) In May, they band released a second single, a ballad called “Toothbrush” (“baby you don’t have to rush/you can leave a toothbrush/at my place/at my place”), recruiting the plus-size model Ashley Graham for its video and that, too, has taken off, notching over 11.7 million views and counting on You Tube. He meant that they met on the set of their music video.

That is why Graham was also backstage with Jonas at Barclays, where DNCE opened for Gomez’s Revival Tour on Wednesday night, and the two bantered with the easy rapport of a couple of old girlfriends. “There might have been a little nerves to be honest with you,” he continued.

Ch-ch-check out the deliciously uncomfortable moment…AFTER THE JUMP!!!

Kevin Jonas did everything but say Selener's name when Andy Cohen asked the Jonas Brother who he thinks is the most overrated pop star at the moment on LOLz! We wouldn't want to upset any Selenators, but we all know you weren't talking about the ONLY other MTV Movie Awards performance by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis because it was just TOO epic to bash! Regardless, we'd definitely suggest Kevin get some extra bodyguards to protect himself from an angsty teen mob!

About an hour before he was set to go onstage in front of 18,000 or so Selena Gomez fans on Wednesday night, Joe Jonas was casually dribbling a basketball down a hallway in the basement of Barclays Center in Brooklyn.

Meanwhile, the bandmates in his new band DNCE - Jack Lawless, Cole Whittle and Jin Joo stood about admiring pictures of the more famous people who have performed on the stage before them.

“Because you’re also walking into a situation that’s not the most normal thing.

You have 20 people filming you roll around in bed.” “He’s also a musician so he gets to roll around in bed with girls,” Graham said. I only made out with one other guy prior to making out with Joe…professionally.” Much like her notorious cover – Graham became its first plus-size cover girl – the video stirred up a cacophony of press on model size and beauty standards.