There was a rumor Serena Williams was dating Bulgarian tennis player Grigor Dimitriov after they were seen rooting for each other at the Sony Ericsson Open, but with these new pics it obvious that Grigor and Serena are just friends because she is dating his coach, Patrick Mouratoglou!!! gdhorny & Jo: many african-americans feel this way, and I think it will always be this way when one race(caucasian) has enslaved the other(africans) and also justified apartheid. More than 90% of black stars and athletes go out with other black people.Patrick has also been coaching Serena since her loss at the French Open. The coaching/dating sitch is clearly working out because since they've started working with each other she has won: Wimbledon, Olympic Gold, and the US Open. In this world, race will always matter until our Savior returns. And many "average" people date/marry those of other ethnicities.Both Male & Female African-Americans think with fame & money, a relationship with a caucasian is part of the "status of their newfound fame & fortune. Happily there are fewer people who still have the hang-ups that you do.

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J., Halle) when in these cross-cultural relationships. I love Serena too much and would not want anyone, particularly someone like him, take advantage and hurt her.

In my opinion, this will only change when the Lord replaces the current system through his son The Christ. Can't we just be happy the girl(Serena) has a love interest? People like him never date us (African American) when we are down and struggling. If he is for real and truly loves you, by all means be happy; race must not matter.

Notice how they always come along after "we" have made "it". But I promise you, if he hurts you I will be all over him.

She was down and out when they started their relationship; she was losing, he started coaching her, she started winning.

How can he take advantage when he is part of the reason for her success in 2012?

And to other jealous people, Tiger and Halle are part black & part other ethnic backgrounds.

Even if they were not, they can marry who ever they want.

I decided to revisit the topic of Venus Williams' boyfriend not only because of the newly-launched WTA Players and their Boyfriends/Husbands series, but also because I haven't completely followed up on the news regarding Venus' love life.

What I'm saying is that we did write about Venus' long-time pro golfer boyfriend Hank Kuehne, but we skipped to mention their breakup of now already two years ago.

Venus and Hank were talked about the most during 2008, even though they started dating at least in 2007, as since Wimbledon 2007 Hank was openly supporting Venus during tournaments.

In January 2008, the word was out that the couple got engaged. What do you think is the deal with WTA players and golfers?