She has already been asking about my eyelashes, and I tell her they are only this long as I’ve been using a serum called M2.I say she should use it too, but she says she can’t, as her eyelashes, due to the skin grafts, tend to grow inwards, pricking her eyes, so she has them pulled out.‘But when you lose your entire face, losing your eyebrows and lashes is nothing.’ ‘I wasted a lot of time asking that question, but no one can give you the answer. Attacking with acid is not a religious or cultural thing, it’s just violence.

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The couple - who have two sons Winston, seven, and four-year-old Eugene - wed in 2007 after meeting in a stage production the previous year but their separation was announced this March via a Facebook post.

A statement made on Thursday clarified the terms of their separation, saying: 'Billie and Laurence wish to clarify that the legal wording referred to in connection with today's reported Decree Nisi is the closest option English law currently offers to a timely no fault divorce.

A source told The Sun at the end of March: 'Billie has talked about getting the tattoo removed recently.

In the end Billie gave him an ultimatum to change and, sadly, he wasn't able to do so.' Billie was signed a recording contract at the age of 15 and her debut single Because We Want To went to No.1, making her the youngest ever artist to top the charts with her first record.

She also had a double platinum selling album Honey to the B.

I feel as though I’m starring in the new L’Oréal campaign. Her skin is like a map not of the world, but of her journey.Katie Piper is seated on a stool, buttery hair in soft waves, her greeny-blue eyes reflecting the lights of the camera. She has a wide, generous mouth, and when she laughs, which is often, she has an endearing habit of screwing up her eyes so they almost disappear. She doesn’t mind the intimacy, given she used to be a model of sorts and a beauty therapist.She hadn't told many people there were problems with her and Laurence so many were surprised she'd want to laser it off.One long-standing friend revealed: 'Laurence loved it down there but Billie was going stir crazy.Ultimately they are very different people, and while he loves living like a bit of a recluse, Billie needed something more.' Explaining the breakdown, the acquaintance added: 'It has always been a tempestuous relationship.Laurence has a serious temper and they began arguing more and more.