Chat rooms and social networking sites are also often targeted, as well as Christian and other religion-based dating sites.Scammers seem to prefer using white people images, apparently cashing in on certain perceptions and stereotypes.The photograph is usually magazine cover quality, and of an exceedingly individual.

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Nigerian 419 online dating scam video

Lots of men will respond to an attractive woman’s personal ad, based on a picture alone. They do get scammed, by men or by other women depending on the person’s sexual orientation.

In most cases, scammers target older (middle-aged) people seeking long term relationships.

At this age the person is likely to be desperate therefore gullible and this age group is likely to be financially stable.

They also use pictures of foreign models and celebrities not known in the target country.

Photographs from other dating profiles have also been known to be used.

In a way, the people whose images are used in these scams are victims as well.

Often, scammers prefer to use female photo profiles.

The popularity of online dating has caused an increase in dating scams.

Perhaps the most known is the Nigerian dating scam.

Singles looking for love online should be on the look out for this scam. Indeed, the Nigerian scam artist is a whole different breed. Plus, some of them could rival an Oxford English professor in language prowess, especially written language.

For one, he (or she) is usually of a higher education level, often a college or university graduate or higher. The scammer posts a fake profile on a dating site, and often multiple dating sites.