Thanks to the drop in tourism, she has many openings.

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(includes information on: Israel travel and merchant list, Gifts/ Souvenirs to buy in Israel, Drivers, Dentists, Places to Visit/ Sites to See/ Things to Do, Event Catering, Take-Out , and Simcha Planning, Israel Travel Websites, Cell Phone Rentals, Auto Rentals, Restaurants and Mikvaot) The following Israeli tour guides have been recommended by people in Teaneck.

If you are considering traveling to Israel, you may want to consider one of the tour guides listed below.

If you know of tour guides that you would like to add to the list,please email me at Please let me know if you use this list and can add recommendations to any of the tour guides already listed here.

Please note that the tour guides are listed in the order of the emails I received recommending them.

Our tour guide was great, very prepared, very knowledgeable, and very interesting. she just took the yeshivat noam group around for 4 days.

She also has toured with various family members of mine My high-school classmate, Esti Riback Hershkowitz, lives in Maaleh Adumim and is a licensed Morah Derech. She also led the Yeshivat Noam mission this winter - 29 kids ages 7 and down and their parents.

Her email address is [email protected] Dovid is a wonderful, Tanach-based tour guide.

Where the name of the tour guide is a link, click on name of the tour guide to email them.

My cousin Donna Goldberg-Katcoff is a tour guide certified by the Israeli ministry of tourism.