Viewers in Lafayette, TN watch more than 35 hours of TV each week, which is consistent with most television viewers in America.Whether you're a sports fan following the local teams in Lafayette, or love first-run movies and new television shows, you'll truly enjoy what XFINITY TV has to offer.

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XFINITY Bundles are another great way to save money each month by paying one provider for all of your telecommunications costs.

Join the 72% of other Lafayette residents, or 2,875 people, who already bundle TV, Internet, and/or Phone.

XFINITY TV from Comcast has a variety of affordable TV packages to suit everyone in Lafayette, TN.

When you want all-digital channels, DVR packages you control through your wireless devices, and thousands of On Demand shows each month, choose XFINITY TV.

Save time, money, and effort each month with an XFINITY bundle from Comcast.

Choose an XFINITY TRIPLE PLAY or DOUBLE PLAY Bundle and get back to watching your favorite TV shows, chatting with your friends in Lafayette, and liking pictures on Facebook.

Get cutting-edge equipment in Lafayette, TN with an XFINITY Triple Play or Double Play bundle.

Every Internet package offers high-speed connections, with speeds up to 105 Mbps, and no-cost extras like the industry-leading Constant Guard Protection Suite.

XFINITY provides up to seven email accounts and lets you connect all your devices to stream your favorite TV shows.