If I could change its validation rules, that would work too.

how to turn off windows validating-50

Preferences and select Validation in the left pane.

The Validation page of the Preferences window lists the validators available in your project and their settings.

To disable individual validators, clear the check boxes next to each validator that you want to disable.

Each validator has a check box to specify whether it is enabled for manual validation or on a build.

The problem is that Chrome wants to be super helpful and validate these elements for me, except that it sucks at it.

If it fails the built-in validation, there's no message or indication other than the element getting focus.

I prefill URL elements with , and so my own custom validation just treats those values as empty strings, however Chrome rejects that.

While keeping your business' Windows Vista computers current with all of the latest updates can be an important step to ensure security, compatibility and ease of use, the update install process can slow down your computers.

To avoid this slowdown during important business hours, you can turn off the automatic Windows Genuine Update feature.

You can then perform updates manually when the time is convenient.

Click on "All Programs" at the bottom of the menu and scroll through the program list that appears on the right side of the Start menu to locate the "Windows Update" program. Related Reading: How to Shut Down Windows Vista Amy Scott started writing professionally in 2008.