“This is just a little bit of the things I went through.” In 2010, Thorton made a video retracting his allegations regarding Stokes and Houston.

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This includes artist’s Rickey Romance (Thorton’s brother) and Quindon Tarver. He was impressed by the boy’s silky, anointed voice. “I’m getting ready to go to court on a molestation charge,” Tarver says Stokes told him and his mother, “but it’s not true and I’m going to win it.”…

Tarver said Stokes would also watch him and Houston have sex. In a video Thorton recorded, Tarver is heard in a phone conversation speaking in detail about a time he had sex with Houston as Stokes watched. Marques was laying next to me trying to penetrate me. “It happened like overnight,” Tarver recalls with awe in his voice.

Stokes promised him he’d win a Grammy, but says Tarver, “everything just started going downhill after my first album.” Tarver claims that lots of money was lost and jealously started to unfold with he and Strokes.

In 2007, De’Mario “Raz B” Thorton, member of the disbanded boy band B2K, made allegations that he had been molested by the group’s manager, Chris Stokes.

Thorton said the molestation started when he was 13 years old and continued for four years.

Thorton said Stokes, who also managed boy band Immature, would make him and Immature’s lead singer have sex as he watched. Houston and Stokes had been working together since Houston was eight years old. Chris was laying on the bed with a big teddy bear on the bed watching.” Tarver said Stokes told him and his mother that he was in court for a child molestation case.B2K released their first album in 2002 after Immature broke up. Tarver’s mother still decided to let Stokes sign her child to his label, TUG.Looking back, he says he was “manipulated,” “cheated,” and “sabotaged” by Stokes. It was rough.” Tarver says Stokes made him take showers with the other boys.But according to Tarver, the damage to his career was just the beginning. I wouldn’t say exactly by Chris, but he would organize it.” Tarver stops speaking. “He’d organize activities to be done as he sat and watched … He would make another member of [Immature] like come and do things … He says Stokes would ask him, “Who do you think of at night when you masturbate?“I have had some things that haunted me for quite some time,” he says, his voice in a whisper. ” He says Stokes made him and Marques Houston kiss each other.“[I can take] a lie detector test, anything,” he says.