I’ve been wanting to have some fun with the low-fi poster style that’s usually associated with punk rock gigs and revolution propaganda, but I couldn’t decide what to base my fictional design on.Then I saw the trailer for the new Rogue One movie and I knew I had to produce a Star Wars themed design for this tutorial!

It’s one of those quick and simple techniques that produces a satisfying result, which makes the tutorial great for beginners.

Throughout its history, Photoshop has featured lots of built-in filters that produce various sketch and artistic effects, but they don’t exactly produce a realistic outcome.

In this tutorial I’ll show some clever steps that will transform a photograph into a hand drawn pencil sketch, which can even be fine tuned to find the most authentic look.

In today’s tutorial we’re going to play around in Adobe Photoshop and have fun creating a faceless man with a window to his soooouuuul!

We’ll use some simple photo manipulation techniques to digitally cut away the face and tidy up the edges, then we’ll place a vibrant cosmic space image inside the head and finish it all off with some refinements, lighting effects and a complementary quote to produce a surreal piece of artwork.

A fun personal project designers and illustrators often take part in is ’36 Days of Type’, or equivalent challenges like ‘Daily Drop Cap’ where artists express their style on a new letter or number every day.

Initials have received decorative treatment throughout history, with examples dating as far back as early biblical texts.

In today’s tutorial I’ll take you through the process of decorating a letter in Adobe Illustrator with a range of vector embellishments.

We’ll make use of some really useful techniques that you’ll be able to make use of in all kinds of illustration projects in the future.