I think it's the conservatives' job -- and we don't do a very good job of it -- to take the complex and make it as simple as possible." "The things that sound really good -- this knee-jerk reaction to 15 bucks an hour -- my son is 20 years old, he would love to make $15 an hour," Woolery continued, arguing that Mc Donald's would replace workers with robots instead of paying a higher minimum wage.

Woolery was a charming host or several years until 1981 and "graduated" to other game shows such as "Love Connection," "Scrabble," "The Dating Game," "Greed," and "Lingo." Woolery is the father of eight children from three wives.

His second wife was actress Jo Ann Pflug (1973-1980) and his third wife is Teri Nelson, granddaughter of Ozzie and Harriet Nelson.

Chuck Woolery, game show host turned podcaster, brandished his conservative bona fides on Sunday by opposing an increase in the minimum wage and reminiscing about the 1950s-era blackballing of actors for political dissent.

During a promotional appearance for his new podcast, , Woolery blasted actor Matt Damon for taking a swipe at presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump and condemning a banking system that "steals people's money" while delivering his commencement address for MIT's class of 2016.

"In the '50s in Hollywood if you spoke for communism, you were blackballed," Woolery recalled.

"In the '90s and 2000s in Hollywood if you speak for communism, you're rewarded for it. "Most people don't realize that it's not a good thing, it's a bad thing," he opined.But if you speak against communism, you're blackballed." According to the former host, liberal policies like increasing the minimum wage to an hour would have dire consequences on the U. "I think it's the liberals' job to take the simple and make it as complex as possible.American TV personality, a game show host who inaugurated the popular show "Wheel of Fortune." Woolery began his career as a guitarist and singer.After a stint in the Navy, he attended Morehead State University where he studied economics and sociology.But he lost interest in the subjects; moving to Nashville, he formed a musical duet called Avant Garde.His 1968 Billboard Top 40 hit, "Naturally Stoned," got him a part in a film which led to a guest appearance on The Merv Griffin Show.