For example, if we believe the universe is created and governed by an all-loving God, we have trouble explaining natural and moral evils. There is, in the Catholic vision of reality, a profound understanding of the impenetration of matter by grace which we call the Incarnational principle.The Incarnation of God the Son as Jesus Christ is the bedrock which underlies the Christian vision of the relationship between God and man. This is not primarily an essay about Sacred Tradition, which is certainly another worthy apologetical topic.

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The reason is fairly simple: I have an extremely “intellectual” piety, which means I find nearly every liturgical form and setting to be a distraction...

Thomas Van, who is currently fulfilling a different set of obligations overseas, has not lost his knack for finding intriguing Catholic points of interest on the web.

The other day, he sent me a link to a brief video about a 90-year-old man who has been building a cathedral in Spain, essentially...

Another one of the many reasons I am grateful for being a Catholic is the peace it brings to my life.

The history of the Church and the lives of the saints suggest that this is a universal experience, and we shouldn’t be surprised: “Peace I leave with you; my peace I give to...

At first glance, a title which makes “Reason” a point in favor of Catholicism may look odd to modern eyes.

We’re accustomed, after all, to thinking of reason as a faculty which we must use independently of faith to solve human problems, something that faith obscures. It is difficult—it has always been difficult, I think—to find a worldview that makes perfect sense.

Have you had the facts-of-life discussion with your kids? Even more important is giving them the formation they need to properly approach relationships with the opposite sex, including dating, courtship and matrimony. In a recent interview, Archbishop Georg Gänswain said many Germans view him as having the “mark of Cain” because of his loyalty to Pope Benedict and his service to the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.

He therefore believes it is highly unlikely that he would... 180,000 Germans left the Catholic Church last year.