Surprisingly, we were not impressed with the clams.Yes, they were fresh (albeit there was an unmistakably fishy tinge to the clams), and they came in abundance at a reasonably price of RM12/USD4 per portion.The broth was a light, warming concoction of Chinese cooking wine and ginger.

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Yup, almost a week now since I have settled down here in the city pumped with adrenaline from dusk til dawn. From school children to working adults desperately seeking to clear their remaining leave, I wouldn’t be surprised if the traffic double come 2011. Set that napkin into place and let’s do this, once more. Lala Chong Seafood Restaurant has its history dating back maybe a decade or two ago, growing immensely popular since their days at the Subang airport.

Still have yet to fully go on an eating spree, for unlike Ipoh, food hunting in KL can only be done after office hours (if you’re lucky and not caught in the jam for hours, or stuck in the office staring into the blank soul of a computer wishing to close that deal), OR on the weekends or public holidays. With a name like Lala Chong, you might have been thinking of either the boss dresses like one (hehe, go ask your Chinese pal), or they really mean business when it comes to their ‘lala’ clams.

That is, if you’re still left standing from the 5 tormenting days of tough, labourious work. To find this restaurant takes a great deal of effort.

A must order at Lala Chong naturally is their “Siong Tong La La” or steamed clams in a Chinese wine broth.

Routinely, we do see ‘dai chow’ restaurants serving this dish, albeit with a variety of different clams.

But at Lala Chong, they use the smaller ones, supposedly sweeter with a better texture; almost to a crunch.

And I was told that they could whip up a mean fried beehoon (rice vermicelli noodles) with lala clams, though we settled for conventional white rice to go with our dishes.

Unless you’re equipped with a GPS device, or have friends staying in and around Ara Damansara, or you’re just a plain lost soul stumbling around and found nirvana (almost) when your eyes stare in disbelief at the sheer number of people dining at Lala Chong.

A restaurant literally tucked in the middle of nowhere, yet attracting the crowd in hordes.