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I hope I will not have to carry you out of here in her arms.

He would like to see how Marian hair spread over the pillow, as the slide on the snow-white shoulders, like a playful streams, as he launches his fingers in this vibrant silk …

A year ago, John would have felt guilty about such thoughts, but the time to reconcile it with the death of Susan.

I wonder whether the woman removing the top part of the laundry immediately, whether it comes in a sheet, or only in panties.

Man treated, was more like a some wizard than medic.

Despite all my doubts, after fifteen minutes I ceased to feel pain in the back.

Maybe it just seemed compared to the very painful effects of his hands, sometimes I had a hard time holding back a scream.

Going back to her ass, I kissed and licked every inch of it, paying extra attention to her ass-hole.

Licking it, kissing it, shoving my tongue in as far as it would go.

The feel of the cold lube on her hot ass caused her to gasp.

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